Why are our prices so competitive?

The simple answer is we have a simple cost effective business model that allows us to offer very competitive pricing.  By spreading the transportation and labor costs over all our customers within the one event we are able to have keep our prices very low.

Do we provide the same level of service?

Actually, we believe that our level of service is above many if not all of the other suppliers in the market.  We will always go above and beyond.  Our aim is to build relationships and repeat customers.

Do we supply other technology services?

Our parent company Blugreen (blugreen.com.au) has been the supplier of audio visual and IT services for conferences and events for almost 20 years.  Expo Gear actually was born from the fact that Blugreen had over time acquired a large number of LCD screens and exhibition technology.  If you need a piece of technology that is not listed on out site drop us a line or call and we will source it for you.

Screen Desktop Stand

This is using the factory supplied feet/stand.  It is best suited for sitting on a table or cabinet.

Screen Wall Mount

We supply wall mounts for all our screens.  Please be aware that wall mounting is dependent on the wall structure and strength that the screen is mounting to.

Custom Exhibition Booth: 99% of the time will have no issues.  You just need to tell your stand builder and they will ensure the wall is strengthened for the mount.

Standard Shell Scheme: Depending on the shell scheme supplier will depend on the ease of wall hanging. Some suppliers are fine with it and as long as you tell them prior to the setup they will add the reinforcing for you.  You need to be very clear on specifying the screen size and location with the stand builder.

Screen Slimline Stand

Our custom slimline stands are the least obtrusive floor stands in the industry.  They comprise of a 6mm steel base plate with a 40mm steel upright/post that the screen hangs from.

We can provide the 40mm upright in either Black or White.  If you are using a Standard Shell Scheme then consider ordering a white upright as it blends into the stand walls.

If you have a custom stand with a raised floor consider mounting the stand base plate under the floor.  It provides a neat very clean look.

Content Organisation / Multimedia Service

Do you have multiple video’s or other media types you want to show?  For example: Videos, PDF’s, PowerPoint, Images etc.  Let us arrange the files in a way that they will play seamlessly while providing some continuity and reduce viewer confusion.

Electrical Safety

All our equipment is tested and tagged prior to arriving on-site.

Installation and Removal

With most of the exhibitions the technology installation is done on the last exhibition setup day.  If you specifically require installation prior to that we are happy to accommodate your requirements.  Removal is done as soon as the show in completed.

Equipment Damage/Theft

Damage and theft of equipment during the time that the equipment is on your stand is your responsibility.  If for example a screen is damaged beyond cost effective repair we charge you for the replacement cost of the item.  If we can purchase that item at a discounted rate then we will happily pass the discount onto you.  I will say that I have honestly never known of a screen being stolen from an exhibition during the actual event.